1. To begin adding a contact, first tap the ‘Chats’ button at the bottom left of the screen, this will take you to the ‘Conversations’ page. 
  2. Next tap on the orange ‘+’ button at the bottom right of the screen. You will now see two options: to invite a new contact or to create a conversation. 
  3. Select ‘Invite a new contact’. 
  4. You can now invite friends to join you on Sylo in several ways. Firstly, by sharing an invitation, just choose the medium through which you’d like to send the link. Secondly, by sending an invitation to the contact directly from your phone’s address book. Choose from these options by swiping your screen. Or finally, if the contact is with you in person, you can share your QR code for them to scan, or scan their QR code with your Sylo Smart Wallet.

After the contact has accepted your invitation, you’ll see their name appear on the ‘Conversations’ page.

Watch this tutorial to learn how to add a contact in the Sylo Smart Wallet > https://youtu.be/3D5knh2XeoU